Centennial College Retirees Association (CCRA)


CCRA Scholarships

In 2008, the CCRA Board set up a scholarship for students returning to school. The CCRA award was given to a student who has been out of school for one year and who has returned to complete a ministry approved post-secondary full-time program and who has achieved a B average.

At that time, it was decided that subject to available finances, CCRA donate a $12,500 scholarship in 2009 as a one- time contribution towards an endowed scholarship with criteria as discussed. The government matched this amount with the same grant of an equal value of $12,500.

The total value of the CCRA scholarship is $25,000 with the interest allowing the scholarship to be self-supporting. CCRA was recognized for its donation at Student Awards night in November.

Directors, Marie Adams and Dana Gour were recognized for their ongoing work in organizing this scholarship. In addition, CCRA created a smaller $500 scholarship for 2009 only which will also be acknowledged.

CCRA Memorial Scholarship Event 2014

Please join us as we celebrate and remember friends of Centennial College we have lost in the past year. This year’s fundraising event will take place on October 23 at 5:30 pm in the Atrium of the Student Residence.

Click here for full details of the 2014 CCRA Memorial Scholarship Event. 

Centennial College Retirees' Association Scholarship

-- Awarded to a full-time mature student enrolled in a Ministry approved program with a minimum cumulative 3.0 grade point average.

Centennial College Retirees' Association Memorial Scholarship

-- Donated in memory of former colleagues.   Awarded to a full-time mature student enrolled in a Ministry approved program with a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

The Recipients:
Year Name Photos
2014 Hasson Mansoon
School of Academic Studies
winner 2014
Presented by Yvonne Glenville
2012 Getu Chau
 School of Business
2012 Scholarships
Left to right are Yves Deschenes, Associate Vice President, Human Resources, Fred Roy, Jody-Kay Gordon (Eileen Burrows Memorial Scholarship), Wendy Hunter Rosanna Cavallaro, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications
2011 Jana Papuckoski
Police Foundations,
School of Community and Health Studies

2011 Scholarships
Presented by Christine Gauthier and Arthur Donin

Imola Dobrila
 Food and Nutrition management Program,
School of Community and Health Studies
2010 Scholarships
Presented by Christine Gauthier and Arthur Donin
Camilla Rowe
School of Community and Health Sciences Program
Camille Rowe wrote:
 This scholarship will help in assisting with the funding to complete my post-secondary schooling.  
I am so honoured to be a recipient of the award.  
My plans are to go back to university, upgrade my degree and apply for a dietitian internship.
Thank you so much for being so kind! Continue to do what you are doing.

You are helping to make dreams come true.
Education is so expensive and every penny received helps.
Thank you!
2009 Scholarships
Presented by Barrie Morgan,Conrad D'Souza and President Ann Buller.
2009 Mohammed Azam
Accounting Clerk – Microcomputer Ontario College Certificate Program
3.982 grade point average
2009 recipient Azam
Presented by Eva Zehethofer and Robyn Knapp