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Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Pension Plan

We’ve just launched a new and improved “Be a Pension Champion” website.

Modern Defined Benefit (DB) pension plans like the CAAT Plan are good for members, good for employers, and good for Canada. And they need champions like you to help spread the word.
Visit the new site to: 

Get the facts
Learn how Modern DB pension plans benefit more than just members - and get all the facts to share about the advantages of these plans. 

Watch our videos
Derek Dobson, CAAT Pension Plan CEO and Plan Manager, explains how the CAAT Plan stays strong, sustainable, and relevant to members in a new series of short videos.

Read about our advocacy efforts
CAAT Plan staff are pension experts who regularly advocate on behalf of Modern DB pension plans, and promote pension coverage across the country.

Visit the new “Be a Pension Champion” website