Centennial College Retirees Association (CCRA)


2018 Spring Luncheon

The Spring Luncheon for 2018 was a success! Everyone appeared to enjoy their time mingling with their former colleagues and recounting their memories.  Our guest speaker Mike Daley was a hit with his musical presentation of the history of “The Beatles” accompanied by many members joining in and signing along.  See the Photo Galley for the latest photos.

2018 Membership dues are being collected.

Hi Everyone:

It is that time again. Your membership dues for 2018 are being collected. Below is the information to help you pay your membership dues.

If you have already renewed your membership for 2018 already.  

Thank you.

There are three ways to renew:
Membership fees are due the end of each year for the following year.  If you have not yet renewed, please do so now and receive the member’s rate for all the luncheons and special events.

There are three ways to pay:   1)  by cheque    or   2)  PayPal and/or credit card via PayPal or  3)  Interac e-Transfer.  See below for more information on payment methods.


1)        BY CHEQUE
You can pay $10.00 by cheque with the mail-in form. Your cheque and ‘mail-in’ renewal form should go to::
      Centennial College Retirees’ Association 
      PO Box 631, Stn. A
      Toronto, ON
      M1K 5E9

    2)       BY PAYPAL and/or CREDIT CARD via PAYPAL 
    The online form has a PayPal checkout button which takes you to the PayPal payment page to enter your payment information.  You do not need a PayPal account to use this service.  The charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to PAYPAL *CCRA. You will receive a confirmation email of your payment.


    3)       INTERAC e-TRANSFER 
    Upon clicking  "SUBMIT - Interac e-Transfer" in the Interac e-Transfer forms,  your information will be sent to the Membership Co-ordinator notifying that you are paying via Interac e-Transfer. You will need to go to your online bank account and process your payment of $10.00 via Interac e-Transfer. Follow your online bank account instructions, email recipient is CCRA.Treasurer@gmail.com. (Mobile not required.) Put your "First and Last Name" in the “e-Transfer” message box. You will be required to input a security question and answer that will need to be sent to the Treasurer (CCRA.Treasurer@gmail.com) under a separate email.

    Your payment gets you a membership to both the Centennial College Retirees' Association (CCRA) and the Ontario Colleges Retirees' Association (OCRA) membership.  

    If you have registered and paid your membership fee but you need to update your contact information because you have moved, changed your email address etc you can provide this information online (click here).  
    If you prefer to mail the information, print this form and mail it to:
      Centennial College Retirees’ Association 
      PO Box 631, Stn. A
      Toronto, ON
      M1K 5E9

    Chuck Baker - CCRA Membership Coordinator

    CAAT Pension Plan News

    Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Pension Plan

    We’ve just launched a new and improved “Be a Pension Champion” website.

    Modern Defined Benefit (DB) pension plans like the CAAT Plan are good for members, good for employers, and good for Canada. And they need champions like you to help spread the word.
    Visit the new site to: 

    Get the facts
    Learn how Modern DB pension plans benefit more than just members - and get all the facts to share about the advantages of these plans. 

    Watch our videos
    Derek Dobson, CAAT Pension Plan CEO and Plan Manager, explains how the CAAT Plan stays strong, sustainable, and relevant to members in a new series of short videos.

    Read about our advocacy efforts
    CAAT Plan staff are pension experts who regularly advocate on behalf of Modern DB pension plans, and promote pension coverage across the country.

    Visit the new “Be a Pension Champion” website

    CCRA AGM Guest Speaker Presentation

    At the CCRA Annual General Meeting our guest speaker, Lorraine Gilks,  provided an interesting presentation on "Retiring Minds -- Practicing Mindfulness to Stay Sharp & Healthy."  Click here to see the slide presentation.